The best properties of onion juice

The most common onion juice has many valuable benefits for our health. About the most impressive to tell the experts from Denmark.

Strengthens the immune system. In the onion contains selenium, whereby the juice of this vegetable boosts the immune system. Selenium is able to enhance the immune response and also help to suppress it in that case, if it is redundant. Having a selenium deficiency the immune cells more vulnerable to oxidation.

Useful for eye health. Antimicrobial properties present in a fantastic onion juice, to help fight eye infections like conjunctivitis and blepharitis. Studies show that the juice inhibits growth of ocular flora. So, use onion juice beneficial for eyesight. Finally, it protects against cataracts.

Protects from diabetes. Onion juice contains large amounts of antioxidants help to keep sugar levels in the blood. That’s why juice is useful for diabetics, it is also able to increase the speed of metabolism. Onions contain small amounts of calories.

Prevents cancer. One of the most valuable properties of onion for human health. It has numerous anti-cancer components, including anthocyanins, quercetin and organophosphorus compounds, which are opposed to malignant neoplasms. If you believe the research, these components prevent many types of cancer. Quercetin also reduces the risk of tumors of the lung and brain. Finally, onions are full of fiber, which helps fight colon cancer. Onions can destroy cancer cells that should also be considered one of the useful properties. (READ MORE)