The magic word “thank you” relieves depression

The frequent utterance of such words as “thank you” can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Scientists talk about the so-called thank-you therapy.

Every parent knows how important it is to teach children to show gratitude towards others. Fresh and on time research has shown that we must all make this effort, because this gratitude works wonders with our health. The researchers found that the so-called thank-you therapy has a powerful impact on different aspects of mental and physical health. This therapy requires as often as possible to say thanks, for example, at parents, teachers or friends for their support. In other words, we need a few dozen times a day at least to say “thank you”.

In addition, thank-you therapy requires not only uttering “thank you”, but also send text messages or emails with words of gratitude, as this has a positive effect on psychological well-being, Which contributes in turn and physical health. In particular, it is proved that this therapy is opposed to depression, relieves pain and improves heart health. The most recent study even concluded that a thank-you therapy helps teenagers to get rid of the addiction to unhealthy food and to start eating healthy food.

Scientists from the University of California riverside have observed about 1 000 adolescents aged 14-15 years, carefully assessing their daily diet and giving advice on how to protect health. Some Teens have been asked to send letters of thanks at least once a week for a month to someone in their life who have provided moral support. For example, these letters were sent to parents, teachers and friends. After 4 weeks the power of Teens who have sent these letters are much improved. (READ MORE)