The scientists were able to purify the body monkeys from HIV

The combination of the 2 antiviral drugs have helped the body of monkeys to get rid of the immunodeficiency virus.

A virologist from the University of Melbourne (Australia) Professor Sharon Lewin, said that scientists were able for the first time to cleanse the body of the monkey from “sleeping” HIV. According to him, the body of the animal was rescued from human immunodeficiency entrenched in immune cells. Together with these scholars defended the animal from returning infection.

Levine said that the main question at the moment is whether the drugs GS-9620 and PGT121 or other stimulants of the immune system and antibodies to cause a similar reaction in the human body. Clinical trials will be conducted in the near future, scientists look forward to the results.

We will remind, today, HIV patients can live for tens of years, thanks to antiretroviral drugs. We are talking about substances that inhibit different stages of virus replication in the cells of the body. As they often have strong side effects, doctors are forced to recommend to stop taking them for a few weeks.