The severity of influenza and SARS is dependent on body mass

Obtained new evidence that overweight, like the underweight, are impediments to recovery in cases of influenza and SARS. About the study scientists, during which they found a link between the severity of influenza, SARS and weight of the human body, announced the publication Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses.

“People with obesity or insufficient body weight are more likely to experience complications and end up in the hospital for diseases of SARS and influenza,” said the researchers.
Scientific experts analyzed nearly five thousand cases of SARS and influenza, recorded in six hospitals in Mexico. They found that even in the absence of associated chronic diseases, problems with weight body purses in the form of obesity or excessive thinness has influenced the severity of infection and associated with serious disease consequences. According to the researchers, their work is the first that shows the influence of insufficient weight for complications of influenza and SARS. Previously, the risk associated with underweight was described only in relation to the risk of death from all causes.

The scientists added that the greatest number of complications depending on the body mass of the person gave the flu To the influenza A/H3N2. They believe that doctors necessarily a factor of body mass index in patients with colds and flu.

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