To force children to apologize is wrong

Even if the children has committed an offense requiring an apology from them, to get them to pronounce the words of regret is wrong. To this conclusion came scientists from the Center for human growth and development at the University of Michigan.

The researchers strongly recommend that parents not force children to apologize.

“Forced apology ineffective, especially against children 7-9 years. The child forced to apologize, no remorse, only fear of punishment”, – the expert explained.
Scientists studied how well children distinguish between forced and sincere apology. The object of their study were children 4-9 years. These children in the course of the experiment were faced with three types of apologies: when you apologize without prompting on their own, when you apologize with a tip, but genuinely repenting and when to apologize without remorse, simply because made.

It turned out that for children it is very important that the apology was sincere and was pronounced without pressure. Therefore, scientists advise to give children the opportunity to calm down, to have empathy for their hurt and want to rectify the situation.

“Parents who force nakalivanija children to apologize, did not work correctly. Other kids consider the good of the child that was forced to apologize even before he came to need it. The ability to empathize and apologize sincerely is more important than a forced apology, even brought immediately,” – concluded the experts.
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