Tragedy in the delivery room! Mother (33), and a Baby die after birth

It should be a day of joy, but he ended with a tragedy: last Saturday died in the arms of the hospital, a 33-year-old woman and her child at birth. The surviving father Robby glove (36) as advised by the blow of fate, in great Distress. Friends have launched a fundraising campaign to life.

The bed for the Baby was already in the apartment, everything else was there for the little son. On Friday, the pregnant Regina was still with her Partner, Robby glove at a Christmas party. "Nothing to do hingedeutet", the pastures, Berger says, and breaks off mid-sentence.

On Saturday morning at 6 PM. The small Ferdinand will on the world. The Couple Kulmbach departs to the hospital. There, it is the only birth that is pending. There is enough staff was there, says managing Director Brigitte Angermann. "Very experienced people, across all occupational groups – and it involves many Thousands of births." You and the whole Team were still in shock. "We are all survivors, Express our condolences."

"I love you, until then, we’ll have a drink Café"

Robby glove and struggles for words when he told. It was, according to his information, a normal birth, when he was also doing. The mother had also a PDA, an injection for pain relief. Nothing suggests a difficulty. But the Moment the child came into the world, something must have happened.

The newborn was not breathing, the Doctors had tried to resuscitate it, what had not succeeded. He was then withdrawn with the dead child in a room, to say goodbye to him. His wife had to be operated on. She was adopted by him. "I love you, until then, we’ll have a drink in a Café." After a few hours, had informed the Doctors that the mother had died.

But why the woman and her child died, is not clear. "Unfortunately, there is in obstetrics are extremely rare events, which can occur very suddenly and, in certain cases, a very fateful run können", Dr. Benno Lex, the Senior physician in the obstetrics says. He also confirmed: "We were extremely well equipped in terms of personnel this time." The "full attention of the team was Entbindung". Nevertheless, there are situations in which Doctors were completely powerless.


The police headquarters of upper Franconia and confirmed by investigations. "As in all cases where the cause of death is unclear, aufgenommen&quot the criminal investigation Department of the investigation;, it is stated in the written response to a request of this newspaper. By order of the public Prosecutor of Bayreuth, a post-mortem examination of the mother and child achievements. The result is not yet available. The criminal investigations of Bayreuth. The Doctors at the clinic who called the police. They were shocked, according to the chief anesthesiologist Peter Moratin. "We want to know what happened."

The Doctors did all that was possible to help the glove. A priest was present, she called a relative who was supposed to pick up the completely desperate glove. Managing Director, Angermann: "A human tragedy, you can’t imagine, even for experienced Doctors." The Kulmbacher hospital, there are about 750 births.

The glove has since Saturday, almost not sleep, but the truck driver goes to work, goes every night of his tours. A friend accompanied him. Also a fundraiser on the Internet, called his friends for him. There are about 2000 Euro. "That’s enough for the front and rear nicht", glove says. But he doesn’t give up. "Life must go on."