Vitamin C supplementation for pregnant Smoking protects the lungs of children

AmericanJournalofRespiratoryandCriticalcaremedicineопубликовал the study, conducted by specialists of the University of Oregon, and showed that the vitamin C women who smoke during pregnancy, protect the health of their children. In particular, it was found that children of Smoking pregnant women taking large amounts of vitamin C, subsequently less likely to suffer from diseases of the lungs.

In this study, monitored some 300 pregnant women smokers. One group of pregnant smokers followed advice on regular high doses of vitamin C – five times more than the standard amount. The other group took a placebo.

Three months after giving birth revealed that the children born to women supplemented With vitamin C have healthier lungs. In particular, the lungs of these kids pumped 7-9% more air compared with children of women from the band “placebo”.

According to scientists, the research conducted earlier, also demonstrated protective effect for the lungs of children associated with taking vitamin C pregnant smokers. It was found that 72 hours after birth, the children of those mothers who smoked during pregnancy and received 500 milligrams of vitamin C had the best performance of the condition of the breathing organ.

Experts believe that the protective effect of vitamin C supplementation is associated with its ability to bind with nicotine and fill level of ascorbic acid, which is reduced in the body of smokers. At the same time they note that “vitamin C supplementation and, to some extent, to protect the lungs of children, pregnant smokers, these children continue to be at greater risk of obesity, behavioral disorders and other health problems”.

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