Walks in the fresh air, protect from stroke

According to a study by Swedish scientists from the University of Gothenburg, there is a relationship between the daily walks in the fresh air and the risk of stroke, which is peculiar to man. It turned out that such trips provide protection effect against brain stroke.

Experts analyzed data from several studies, which were considered medical records of more than 2 thousand people who have had a stroke. The researchers checked how might relate to risk of stroke, as well as protection from different factors – eating habits, addiction to harmful habits, conditions of life and activity.

The result is one of the conclusions of the authors was the conclusion that walking in the fresh air are very simple, but at the same time, an effective way to protect yourself from stroke.

“The method is simple: a daily half-hour walk in the fresh air at a moderate pace. They improve the blood flow in the vessels of the brain and throughout the body,” stated the researchers.
The researchers emphasized that to protect the brain cells from degradation, they need regular oxygen enrichment – the lack of it contributes to damage of cell membranes and the formation of blood clots. Walks in the fresh air to fully ensure the inflow of oxygen due to activation of blood flow.

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