Weak alcohol is good for sexual life

Light spirits can be useful for a person’s sex life, his small doses help to relieve psychological stress without harm for physiology. On the impact of alcohol on sexual component told the doctor-sexologist, candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Poleev.

Poleev reported any alcohol in fact beneficial to your sex life. The doctor thinks a person can afford two glasses of French red dry wine or 50 ml of French brandy. Such alcoholic beverages, according to him, give the effect of light stimulants, which are useful to stimulate communication and thus be helpers healthy sex life.

Beer, as noted by the doctor relaxes, because this is not the alcoholic drink, which can be helpful to stimulate sexuality. For men, the expert said, beer in General is not useful, as in the drink, is the substance from which synthesize female hormones.

As for vodka, strong cognacs, fortified wines, from their use it is better to refrain to sexual life has failed. These types of alcohol are definitely not useful men, they can deny the erection, noted the sexologist.

Poleev added that the limiting factors of sexual life are often psychological factors – shyness, thoughts of unattractiveness, anticipatory fear of fiasco in bed. All this is true both for both women and men.

“Our understanding of what we do, not always coincide with the actual value, especially in sex. Small doses of alcohol remove these psychological barriers. If these doses will be higher it will appear not a psychological and physiological problem. In men it is a violation of blood supply of genitals and women – violation of the sensitivity of the genitalia,” said the doctor.
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