When the couple stop bickering.

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley (USA).spoke about the fact that in preparation for marriage and family life young people need to learn the understanding that the beginning of life together with your partner will not be easy – will have to withstand many quarrels and conflicts before the family will be complete understanding. The spouses stop to swear for nothing only a few decades after the marriage – with the conclusion made by the researchers in the journal Emotion.

Scientists spoke about the fact that usually the concept of family is interpreted from the position of positive connections between people. In their opinion, a great influence on the strength of the marriage have not only positive but also negative connection, causing discomfort.

“Quarrels about different things and related grievances affect the divorce rate. Today, every second a couple at odds in the first two years of marriage,” stated the scientists.
Sociologists conducted a study to understand when the couple stops fighting and in conflict points replace aggression with humor. They observed the behavior of 100 couples who lived together from 15 to 35 years. Periodically scientists met with the couple and discuss their problems. These observations lasted more than 13 years.

The study showed that young couples are spouses more likely to Express negative emotions, and also demonstrate very aggressive behavior in situations of disputes. But spouses who have lived with each other for more than 20 years, was typical of quite a different behavior. Long married life makes people more tolerant and peaceful. Men and women began to argue much less, and acuteness of the conflicts was weakened, the reaction also became less painful – and a growing number of positive emotions.

“This discovery may explain why married men and women on average live longer than elderly people living alone,” said the researchers.
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