Why a first date can cause diarrhea

Sometimes, the excitement on a first date can lead to unexpected consequences, including diarrhea. The doctors explained why nerves so much influence on our stomach.

Many of us get nervous when going on a first date with a stranger. And sometimes these nerves reach the stomach, which can provoke not the most desirable consequences. For example, right in the middle of an important and exciting conversation going on somewhere in the restaurant, you quickly go to the toilet. Naturally, many people wonder why our body behaves in a strange way, and how the nerves affect the stomach? In reality, it is a manifestation of the so-called bear’s disease, as in a state of stress bear does send natural needs.

When a person is very nervous in his brain are a number of processes, and some of them passed into the stomach and acts on the digestive system. It remains in our body from our ancestors who were hunting and nomadic life. When we are relaxed, the body then has more energy for the processes of digestion. In a state of anxiety all the energy we need to act decisively – or to fight with the enemy, or flee. As a result, digestion and motility in the small intestine slow down, but movement in the large intestine, in contrast, grow. Because of this and pulls us to the toilet, as these movements provoke diarrhea.

The work of the intestine and stomach, and digestion accelerated by activation of the sympathetic nervous system. But the colon behaves differently. In times of stress and anxiety, he instead starts to work more strenuously out of touch with the nervous system. Under the most stressful situations pelvic nerve can be activated and directly stimulate the neurons in the walls of the colon. This is what causes its activity and demands our urgent defecation. (READ MORE)