Why stretching our body needs

To do the stretching, do not need to be an athlete or a fanatical hitting the gym. This is a simple type of exercise that you do daily for yourself to keep in shape.

Of course, stretching is known as part of warm-up exercises done before a workout. Experts say that do stretching exercises while muscles are not warmed up, it is dangerous: it increases the risk of injury. In front of them a little better to prepare yourself a light serving of physical activity.

But stretching can and should do, even if you have no training today or if you have no training. Sedentary life the need and benefit of stretching is only obvious. It is especially possible to recommend people conducting working day in the office, at the computer.

The constant sitting muscles become less elastic, the flexibility deteriorates. To compensate, require daily exercise.

Muscles lose their elasticity more than one month, so please don’t expect that you will gain perfect flexibility after a few sessions of exercise. It will take weeks or months and you need to continue to maintain this state, says David Nolan (David Nolan), an expert in physical therapy from the Massachusetts General hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital).

But the benefits stretch marks are not just limited to muscles. It can help people suffering from diabetes to maintain the level of glucose in the blood, as was shown in a study conducted in 2011.

In the study, after consumption of the drink with sugar, the participants were doing stretching exercises. It has been shown that this stretching better reduces the level of glucose in the blood, the imitation of stretching (doing the same poses of the present without stretch the muscles).

Moreover, stretching helps to cope with stress, relieving tension in various parts of the body. Stress not only hurts the psyche, it also causes a number of physical symptoms. WebMD notes that the muscle stiffness is only one of the symptoms along with headache, insomnia, nausea, and others.

Also raises the question of which body parts need stretching. Nolan argues that every muscle requires special attention, you need to know the priorities. Area important for movement, are on the legs: this legs, thighs and pelvis.

If you rasstegivat even a few of these muscles in a short time, improves blood circulation, increases energy. When is the next time you work will notice that you drink your third Cup of coffee, think about stretching and check its effectiveness for yourself.

According to the materials of Medical Daily