Winter allergens can be dangerous summer

It is considered that seasonal allergies threaten us only in the warm time of the year. However, winter allergies, too, does not sleep, as told by the German doctors.

When the phrase seasonal allergies, we immediately think of the pollen that causes hay fever or hay fever. Naturally, in winter, when the trees sleep, hay fever the man seems to be not in danger. However, winter is also the time of year where allergies are common, and in the first place, to dust, mites, animal dander, various cosmetics, as well as mold. Moreover, this Allergy can last for days and months accompanied by runny nose, watery eyes, itching and persistent cough.

“I have repeatedly heard from patients that in the winter any allergens in the air does not exist, – says Dr. Mathias Spritle from Munich. – Actually, in the winter, the allergens become more active, because people close all the Windows and include batteries. Warm the air and dry – the perfect breeding ground for mold and mites. Dry air itself can become an irritant to the skin, causing itching and rash. If the person is already predisposed to such disorders as asthma, in the winter they can also worsen”.
In this regard, the experts urge to carry out wet cleaning of the premises as often as possible, and do not forget to use a vacuum cleaner and a humidifier. You need to deal with mold. Many allergies such as runny nose can be treated with antihistamines, but asthmatics should consult the doctor if their symptoms worsen. To strengthen the immune system need to eat more food with vitamin C. (READ more)