5 reasons every day to eat cabbage

Nutritionists have called 5 reasons why we must daily eat the cabbage. Its health benefits are simply undeniable.

Cabbage is a terrific antioxidant and a product for getting rid of toxins. Cabbage purifies the blood and flushes out free radicals and uric acid which is the main cause of rheumatism, gout, arthritis, skin diseases and eczema.

Even more valuable is the ability of cabbage to reduce inflammation due to the content in this product sulforaphane. This component suppresses the inflammatory processes. In the leaves of the cabbage contains chemicals that bind cadmium is a key component of which is glutamine. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Cabbage is a must have for those who suffer from inflammation, irritation, allergies, joint pain, fever, and severe disorders of the skin.

Several studies have shown that cabbage due to the high content of glucosinolates can be considered as cancer products. It fights free radicals that pose a danger to health, and considered a potential cause of cancer and heart disease.

Cabbage is very useful for the entire system of digestion due to high fiber content and glucosinolates that help the body to retain water and the special structure of food moving through the intestines.

Special mention deserves the ability of cabbage to maintain heart health by reducing cholesterol levels. Cabbage is rich in polyphenols that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases through reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. In addition, cabbage inhibits the accumulation of plaques in blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. (READ MORE)