5 signs men-Narcisse

How to recognize whether there are you with a narcissist? Psychologists have called the 5 warning signs that will show the true nature of narcissistic men.

1. Emotional insecurities. It is considered that the daffodils are fully in control, but in reality they are very unsure of their own abilities and sometimes sharply reacts to certain things, which a normal adult is not upset. Daffodils hypersensitive. If they fall into a characteristic rage, it is a reaction to a possible threat to their fragile self-esteem. This anger is often called narcissistic.

2. The sense of exclusivity. If you live with a narcissist, you will quickly notice that they consider themselves exceptional people deserve special treatment. Narcissists believe that they are entitled to almost everything. If you try to argue with them, then run into a cold comment like, “I’m not interested in your opinion” or “I don’t want to enter into a debate with you”.

3. The reasoning of the child. Daffodils often argue as children do. In their vocabulary during disputes often included phrases like “You didn’t let me finish my sentence”, or “Just because I said what you wanted to hear”, or “You’re the only person I have a problem”.

4. Pathological liars. Lies in a relationship at the daffodils begins with the earliest days, because they all consider her a part of your personality. Daffodils will lie about his past, lie about how unfairly they are treated around that they are “benefactors” to tell a lie about how talented they are. It is noteworthy that the daffodils often believe in their own lies, and to convince them is simply impossible.

5. Blame you for their problems. This is a favorite tactic of the narcissist. She drives many of their partners as narcissists always blame them for their problems. Whatever happens in the life of a narcissist, if you are nearby, the blame he will choose you. (READ MORE)