6 foods that lead to diabetes

The use of these products provokes an increase in the concentration of blood sugar and insulin insufficiency which is becoming a prerequisite for the emergence of diabetes of the 2nd type. This was told by the dietician Yelena Tolokonnikova.

Product one: flour. Products made with white refined flour bread, buns, cookies, pasta – are digested quickly and contribute to a surge of sugar. Food should be eaten products from wheat flour is a strictly temperate and in combination with vegetables.

The second product: white rice. Love the white polished rice as flour, can lead to diabetes, unfortunately. According to nutritionist, this is a sad achievement, you need to eat rice about 4-5 times a week, that is enough. In rice, little fiber, and after its use the blood is ejected a large amount of glucose.

The third product: milk. While dairy products in General and useful to bring to the diabetes are capable of and they. The nutritionist noted that in milk, sour cream, fermented baked milk and cottage cheese a lot of saturated fats, which can provoke insulin insufficiency. More than one glass of milk a day for a grown man to drink it is not necessary.

Fourth product: the sausage. With daily use of sausages in the body will develop insulin deficiency. The risk of developing diabetes this rises to almost half.

Product five: sweets. It all depends on their number. If a lot is eaten, it leads to weight gain, and this factor contributes to the onset of diabetes.

Product six: beverages with sugar. Different sodas, packaged juices and alcohol, which significantly increases the level of glucose in the blood. Fans of such beverages is likely to bring yourself to diabetes increases by 25%.

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