7 main causes of indigestion

From drinking too much water to snacks between meals. Nutricionista called 7 key causes of indigestion.

1. Reduced stomach acidity. Stomach acid is absolutely necessary for normal digestion, especially when it comes to food rich in proteins like meat or fish. There is a perception that because of the increased level of gastric juice in humans develops indigestion, but in reality it is the opposite – the less acid, the worse. If we drink with food too much fluid, it further worsens the problem and stronger dissolves gastric juices.

2. A quick meal. In the modern rhythm of life does not have time to eat leisurely, but it often leads to indigestion. Try not to eat in front of the TV or computer, don’t read while eating newspaper. Focus on only one process.

3. Excess sugar and refined carbohydrates. Sweets, pasta, potatoes and processed food contains sugar and refined carbohydrates, which feed bacteria in the gut. And they lead to fermentation of food in the small intestine, flatulence and indigestion.

4. A late meal. Our whole body is set to a specific circadian rhythm, and this applies to the digestive system. At night she should not strain, because on the schedule it will have to go through the process of rest and recovery, and we load it up with food.

5. Snacks between main meals. Digestion is really a long and complex process that takes up to 8 hours, during which food passes from the mouth through the body and reaches the colon. If you like snacks between meals, the process is complex, and can cause indigestion.

6. Alcohol. It is rich in sugars, especially in cocktails and specific wines that enhance the symptoms of indigestion.

7. Bad chewing of food. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but we repeat again – if you are worried the food correctly, you will face serious problems, including indigestion. It is not necessary to count exactly how many times have you chewed a particular piece of food, you better make sure that after chewing it was a pasty substance without any solid pieces. (READ MORE)