Best essential oils for erotic massage

Massage is not only healthy, but enjoyable and exciting pastime. Experts have called some of the best oils for erotic massage.

Many partners and spouses after a certain experience in relationships begin to feel slight boredom in relation to each other. They need to diversify the sexual life and massage can become one of such instruments. In order to implement it, not only need to learn elementary movements, but also to use essential oils that provide relaxing and calming effect.

Camphor oil – improves libido by stimulating hormones that increase sexual desire. In addition, camphor oil helps men with erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood flow to the genital area.

Rose oil is one of the best tools to reduce stress levels. It also helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Rose oil strengthens the man’s libido and helps with sexual dysfunctions.

Jasmine oil is not only smells good. Some studies suggest that massage of the penis Jasmine oil will provide a more pronounced and prolonged erection.

Oil fennel seeds – has a variety of benefits, including increased secretion of milk, which is important for nursing moms, reducing cramps caused by menstruation, as well as the increase libido for men and women. (READ MORE)