Coffee prevents dementia.

The work of scientists Brembilla research Institute in Canada has confirmed that drinking coffee can prevent dementia. Coffee is more than just a drink to gain energy, experts said. These data are published on the website EurekAlert.

Informed by the representatives of science have already expressed the opinion that coffee can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Canadian researchers aim to find out what connection coffee and how to influence the aging process in the brain – in particular, the possible development of dementia.

In the first stage of testing different coffee the researchers found that the protective effect of coffee against the brain is not associated with caffeine. Continuing the work, they could find that the action of coffee as a drink that prevents age-related degeneration, provided the substances phenylindane that arise in the process of roasting coffee beans.

“Phenylindane is the only soedineniya, which prevents the formation of two protein fragments that are involved in the development are closely associated with senile dementia of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In particular, prevents the activity of beta amyloid,” said research professionals.
Their study also showed that active roasting of coffee beans assists more concentration of substances that protect the brain and prevent the development of dementia. The next step is to investigate further properties of these compounds. Scientists are interested in whether the data of substance to cross the blood-brain barrier when injected into the human body.

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