Coffee saves liver cancer

Regular consumption of coffee, about three or four cups a day, associated largely with a positive health effect, as indicated by data of recent research. Coffee can save you from liver diseases, including such dangerous as cancer.

Scientists created a rating of the disease, the likelihood of which is increased or decreased in connection with the use of coffee. As a result, experts concluded that the advantages of this drink has more than minuses.

In particular, the researchers found that coffee may save you from liver cancer. According to the data obtained by the National cancer Institute (Maryland, USA) coffee slows the growth of cancer cells and reduces the rate of development of liver cirrhosis caused by hepatitis C. all patients who have been drinking coffee for 4 years as an experiment, was recorded lower insulin and less pronounced severity of fatty hepatosis. Drinking coffee, according to scientists reduces the likelihood of liver cancer by about 40-60 percent.

In addition, the study showed that coffee lowers the risk of mortality from coronary heart disease and stroke by 18 and 30 percent, respectively. Previously it was assumed that coffee consumption can negatively affect the heart in people with arrhythmia. However, the results of observing thousands of “cores” has denied this hypothesis.

The only distinct negative effects of drinking coffee is that it increases the likelihood of premature birth and miscarriage, experts said. From old ladies coffee can contribute to bone fragility.

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