Factors influencing liver health – slideshow

  • The liver performs in the body many important
    functions. Some experts put the number at 500,
    however, such a huge list is not required to
    to confirm: Yes, the liver plays a huge role.
    Is the main organ of detoxification, the most important
    digestive gland, stores blood and the body in which
    there is a synthesis of many compounds. Therefore, it is necessary
    know what factors negatively affect the health of
  • Piscaglia fat digestion of fat bile, which
    produces the liver. That is, the more you eat
    fat, the greater the load gets this body.
    If the liver does not process fats entering
    with food, they are deposited in the cells, hepatocytes,
    the resulting non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Alcoholicity that alcohol is the most “hits” on the liver.
    And it’s true. This body is metabolized to
    75% alcohol. When it is high content in the blood
    metabolism product is acetaldehyde
    – a substance that is toxic.
    It damages the liver tissue, the inner wall
    vessels, myocardium and other tissues. Moreover, the utilization of
    alcohol is an energy – consuming process, and restore
    the liver cells alcohol
    – this is a really serious test.
  • Food to Domovchiyski the types of food consumed is very important for
    in order to keep the liver healthy. Many supplements
    labeled E can be on danger.
    In particular, E 171 – titanium dioxide – can adversely
    to affect the liver. Additive E-172 that is used
    as the dye, may lead to the development of liver cancer,
    researchers do not exclude that dangerous to the liver
    and additive E-173.
  • Welcome lekarstvi not talking about those cases when supplementation
    necessary to maintain health. But often
    we or “appointed” itself the drugs themselves or break
    the regimen prescribed by your doctor. And
    intoxication is a major factor
    the health of the liver.

    The liver plays a leading role
    in biotransformaziei medicine, i.e. the translation
    them in such a form that the body is easier to remove.
    Many drugs metabolism negative
    effect on the liver. Special caution is advised
    to exercise when taking hormonal anticancer
    means of antibiotics, non-steroidal
    anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Participerait, especially roundworm, amoeba, tapeworms,
    damage the liver because the tissue of this organ
    contains a lot of nutrients. It’s “perfect
    living environment”. Additional danger
    is that parasitic liver disease
    can long not be shown. Meanwhile,
    some helminths, e.g. roundworm, can cause
    hepatitis, necrosis of liver tissue and abscess. Most often
    a person infected with parasites when eating poorly
    processed or raw meat and fish, as well as when
    contact with animals. For those who want to keep the liver
    healthy, be careful.
  • Virusvirus pose a risk to the health of any
    body and liver have their own formidable enemies. In the first
    the place is the hepatitis viruses. The most dangerous viruses
    hepatitis b and C, these diseases can lead to
    cirrhosis and liver cancer. Get them through
    saliva, blood, unprotected sexual contact.
    It is recommended to vaccinate against hepatitis b,
    and to observe the rules of personal hygiene.
  • Toximeter – the main organ of detoxification. If you are working
    in hazardous work, often come into contact
    with toxic substances, smoke, all this poison
    the liver. Understand that the liver is exposed to
    toxins, you on grounds such as changing
    the color of urine and feces, deterioration of the skin,
    heartburn, diarrhea, etc.