Five course healthy foods in regular diet

The usefulness of these products for the health scientists do not doubt their positive influence on human organism has been confirmed in numerous studies. Experts in the field of healthy eating identified five undeniably healthy foods that should be present in the regular diet.

In particular, one of the most healthy products scientists recognized as oily fish. It contains carotenoids that improve brain activity, while the other component of fish, omega-3, can prolong life. According to the study involving 2600 people age 74 years, eating fatty fish two times a week by 18% reduces the risk of mental or physical problems with health.

Also definitely healthy product scientists are nuts. Eating nuts provides the body with nutrients that protect against inflammation and strengthen the heart. The more often a person eats nuts, the less likely you are to die at a young age from cancer or heart attack, the study found.

Eating spicy foods not only improves health, but also longevity, scientists say. Held in China, the study shows that people who eat spicy 6-7 times a week, reduce personal risk of death by 14% in comparison with those who eat spicy once a week. This effect provides antioxidant capsaicin contained in spicy foods.

Whole grains, bread and pasta contain b vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, dietary fiber, their use also benefits the health. For example, a piece of whole wheat bread 9% less likely to die from heart problems.

Was included in the list of course of healthy foods in the regular diet and seaweed. They have a high concentration of iodine and fucoidan – these substances improve the function of the thyroid gland and effectively fight inflammation in the body.

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