From cravings for harmful food relieves inhaling

Scientists from the University of South Florida in the US have found an unusual way to get rid of cravings for bad food. For this, according to scientific experts, need a long time to inhale her scent.

The study’s lead author Professor Dipayan Biswas said that smell is a powerful way of getting rid of cravings for bad food. According to experts, the use of smell to combat this problem is more effective than the policy of prohibition.

“To get rid of the desire to eat something unhealthy calories, enough how you should smell this dish,” says the expert.
In favor of this view say data scientists performed a series of experiments. It was found that the intensity of cravings for bad food depends on the length of time during which inhaled her scent.

During the test the participants evaluated the odors of both healthy and harmful products. Scientists found that when volunteers breathed in the smell of some fatty and high-calorie food in less than 30 seconds, the desire to eat her was very strong, but the scent of the longer than 2 minutes saved from such a thrust.

“Prolonged inhalation of the smell may be enough to get rid of cravings for harmful food. This effect is due to the fact that the brain is not always able to identify the source of sensual pleasure,” he said in this regard, the authors of the study.
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