Harm and benefits of slimming underwear

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Use of corrective underwear

Harm slimming underwear


Everyone remembers the heroine of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” performed by Renee Zellweger. The girl persistently tried to lose weight, in the end nothing came and was forced to wear shapewear, but would look slimmer. However, she may not even know that the useful properties for this type of garment no, but the harm is rife.

This material Magicforum understand, what is the harm and benefits of slimming underwear.

Use of corrective underwear

One of the main advantages of slimming underwear is that it raises the mood of the owner of such a kit. To be sure that you have a slim waist, ample Breasts and beautiful thighs, is expensive. Self-esteem such ladies rises up to heaven, and that there is a benefit for the mental state of the woman.

Shapewear is designed to look great. This is especially useful when going out. No folds, visible cellulite or inappropriate “ears” on the hips. In General, stunning appearance is the second benefit.

And thirdly, the use may be for those who are shown shapewear. This applies to compression stockings, belts, braces, orthopedic surgeon who prescribes the. Medical reasons for wearing slimming underwear can be pregnancy, varicose veins. But in order not to harm yourself, you should apply for the appointment to the doctor.

Harm slimming underwear

Wearing slimming underwear can cause serious injury. In particular, this can lead to poor circulation in the pelvic organs. If you are too often to wear it, then it is likely that it will grow into infertility.

In addition, the harm slimming underwear lies in the fact that the person who wears it, there is no possibility to breathe freely. The lungs have not time completely to deal.

Not to say that it is itself harmful, but shapewear, contrary to popular belief, does not contribute to weight loss. Yes, in a matter of seconds you will get a more attractive reflection in the mirror, but folds, cellulite, excess weight, health problems are not going anywhere. You just pull your body and do not solve the problem at the root.

After you wear shapewear, do not think that all is well. After an hour or two of wearing it begins to develop and progress oxygen deprivation to the internal organs. Including suffer from heart, cerebral cortex. As a result, individuals begin to form nausea, headache, poor coordination. The consequence of this is a chronic disease, including organs of the cardiovascular system.

Due to the compression of the diaphragm, as well as insufficient blood circulation in the pelvic organs, in the stomach insufficient blood supply. Because of this deteriorating digestion, leading to heartburn, constipation. In very rare cases it leads to stomach ulcer.

“The upper edge of the waist of the shorts, as a rule, is clearly in the stomach, somewhere between the navel and the breastbone. Pressure on the stomach leads to the release of gastric juice, which in turn causes heartburn and difficulty swallowing — dysphagia. On the stomach puts pressure not only the linen, but also gathering the top layer of fat,” says Dr. Jonathan Wilson, an expert of the medical centre The London Clinic.

The worst harm that may occur due to wearing slimming underwear — the development of esophageal cancer. About this deficiency is not known by many, mostly educated physicians only. However, experts still don’t know how likely this outcome is. However, I warn that we should not risk their health just to look more attractive.

No less harm is caused and the abdominal muscles. There is the following assumption about the dangers of slimming underwear. Experts believe that it acts by analogy with the corsets. They of wearing slimming underwear is too weak, as used to support outside. Too cramped back muscles and the vertebrae have unnecessary pressure. This will trigger back pain.

However, the shapewear did not expect that the authorities will be free floating. There is another harm of this type of clothing — dermatitis, fungal. And those who do not want to deal with varicose veins, in General, strictly forbidden to wear underwear for utgivare. After all, these pants block the blood circulation in the upper legs, and it slowly but surely leads to varicose veins, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.


Remember that these linen cannot be worn all the time. It is designed to be worn for only a few hours. There are also certain contraindications. For example, it is impossible to carry people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. Due to pinched vessels may experience negative consequences. If you really want it, you need to consult a doctor.

In General, experts advise wearing adjustment underwear, and to address the real problems with weight and body. It is better to adhere to proper nutrition, exercise and give up bad habits.