How to deal with high blood pressure?

Hypertension called “the silent killer”: Its symptoms are almost invisible, and among the consequences — heart attack and stroke. Statistics show that high blood pressure is suffering 30% of Russians.

Why the pressure increases?

British heart Foundation calls main factors:

  • unhealthy lifestyle

Lack of physical activity, Smoking, drinking alcohol, excess salt. At-risk smokers with high cholesterol and diabetics older than 65 years. They need to take medication to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

  • genetics

The family nature of hypertension is not fully understood. Yet scientists have discovered only 1% of the genes associated with high blood pressure;

  • stress

Nervous tension can launch hypertension. If you are nervous rarely it will not cause the disease, you should not worry;

  • respiratory failure

Appears obstructive sleep apnea — stop or a sharp weakening of breathing. It can develop metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, including hypertension.

What are the disease characteristics?

  • blurred vision, flashes before the eyes;
  • insomnia, sleep disturbances, anxiety, fears;
  • headaches, especially in the back of the head;
  • dizziness;
  • noise, ringing in the ears, hearing impairment;
  • shortness of breath;
  • pain in the breast;
  • redness of the face;
  • numbness of the limbs.

How to treat hypertension?

In Russia drugs suggest only at a pressure of 140/90, and normal is considered to 130/85 mm Hg.St. However, international researchers insist on the medication at the very first signs.

Usually prescribed:

  • enalaprilat;
  • nitroglycerin (for acute coronary syndrome and acute failure of the left ventricle);
  • sodium nitroprusside (if hypertensive encephalopathy);
  • beta-blockers (metoprolol, esmolol);
  • drugs-diuretics, medicines neuroleptic action.

Treatment of hypertension should be handled by experts. Therapy of folk remedies can lead to death.

And how to prevent it?

Dr. Tim Chico from the University of Sheffield gives you the following tips:

  • give up Smoking. But it is not necessary to do it in one day: stress can also lead to pressure increase;
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. No need to drink cognac is a dangerous and harmful delusion. Alcohol on the contrary increases the pressure;
  • Eat less saturated fat: mayonnaise, cream, canned foods, chips, buns, biscuits, sausages;
  • Reduce salt intake: excess water retention in the body and increases blood pressure;
  • Reduce total caloric intake if you tend to overeat;
  • Add in the diet foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium: cashews, fruit, apricots, seaweed, sour cream;
  • Do cardio: walking, Jogging, swimming;

If you have increased pressure:

  • call an ambulance;
  • dip your feet in hot water to widened blood vessels;
  • try to relax, breathe deeply.

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