How to eat nuts?

Nuts contain valuable fatty acids and vitamins, but also it is important is to obtain the maximum useful effect. Recommendations on how best to use nuts, said the nutritionist Svetlana FUS.

The expert noted that the scientific studies Canadian pharmacy show: people who daily consume a number of nuts have the lowest risks of coronary heart disease, cancer, and premature death. At the same time, according to the dietician, you must have the nuts correctly, that is the day you can afford no more than a handful – 20 or 30 grams.

Shared nutritionist and other tips on how to eat nuts, so this product was a component of healthy nutrition.

Nuts in the shell. According to experts, it is necessary to buy such nuts – in the shell. The products packaged already purified, rapidly oxidized.

Not roasted nuts.Yes, the right choice is not roasted raw nuts, because they stored the most beneficial micronutrients. Industrial processing products, including roasting, “kills” many of the vitamins, who are often used for frying is not the most clean and useful oil.

Nuts without additives. Salted, sweetened or covered with some additives nuts is wrong, says the nutritionist. That’s right – it’s the raw nuts that are eaten shelled. In this case, the body will get stored healthy fatty acids and vitamin E.

The nutritionist reminded that with great care you need to eat nuts, people who suffer from protein allergies, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases, and hyperthyroidism.

Eating nuts provides the body with nutrients that protect against inflammation and strengthen the heart. Earlier Magicforum wrote that regular consumption of a handful of nuts allows you to not gain weight.