How to give up sweets: 5 effective ways

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The harm of sugar

Ways that will help give up sweets

Everyone knows that large amounts of sugar and sweet harm the body. Everyone understands this, but I can not deny myself the pleasure to enjoy a scone or piece of cake. And if you come to visit, then how can we refuse to offer sweet foods?

But scientists claim that eating sugar is quite real. Today Magicforum be called the most effective ways to do this. Take note!

The harm of sugar

Harmful properties of sugar we have already said repeatedly. However, in passing today, we will pass this subject. It seems that candy is not bad, especially from their eating people feel much happier. But it is not.

Sweet contains in its composition of fast carbs, which are quickly saturate the body. But this person does not receive any nutrients, despite the fact that experiencing joy. The fact is that this drastically increases the sugar level in the blood, increases production of insulin. In large quantities it can not consume the body, so the insulin goes in storage, creating a body fat.

As the result of excessive consumption of sweets causes a number of health problems. For example, can result in a yeast infection. There are more serious consequences — infertility, obesity, complications during pregnancy. Therefore, experts around the world are now developing various measures to reduce human consumption of sweet.

Ways that will help give up sweets

Everyone knows that normalization of nutrition can lead to desired effect during weight loss. First of all, all people are advised to refuse from sweets, but for some, this requirement becomes free. Just a couple of weeks without sweets, as the patient begins the real crash. And it is, in fact, the normal condition of the body, dependent on the doses of sugar. To help such people come the following tips.

First, you need to understand that giving up the sweets should be forever, not for a while. Especially if you care about your health and trying to watch my figure. The main thing in this question the psychological aspects — the goal should be to explain yourself, where will this lead and what results you want to achieve. Then achieving the goal becomes much easier and more efficient.

Second, get rid of everything sweet in the house. This does not mean you have to sit down and one sitting eat it all! The best option would be a tea party with friends, and the more people you gather, the better. All of them can be a sweet treat to say goodbye to this harmful habit once and for all.

Third, good on the most prominent place to hang a picture of the figure to which you aspire. For the most part that is overweight and the desire to have an elegant form make people give up sweets. Each time before I pulled the chocolate bar, you will see this picture and remind yourself that this result is not achieved if you constantly eat sweets.

Third, watch your diet. This is the main point in the quest to give up sweets. You need to shape your diet so that the menu consisted of 5-6 meals a day, and it needs to be as diverse as possible. Aspire is at the same time to develop a food habit.

Fourth, change the approach to nutrition. Your menu should prevail fruits (which, incidentally, contain sugar, but not so bad as in rolls, and candy), vegetables, lean meats, fish, greens, whole grain products. Don’t need to go between the display cases of pastries and quietly sigh, sooner or later, so no wonder to break.

Fifth, do some sport. Whether training at home or in the gym. Most effective for you would be cardio, like running, jumping rope, Cycling. So much faster you will notice results and go back to eating sweets you don’t want.

Sixth, if you give up sweets too painful for you, you can always find a replacement for added sugar. As mentioned earlier, the faithful companion should become a fruit. You can also eat honey, sugar, fructose. Desserts you can prepare yourself not to add sugar. Now very common additives such as stevia, for example. She is no worse poslastit dish than regular sugar.

Seventh, stop eating in front of the TV. It is known that in such cases the person does not notice neither the quantity nor the quality of the food. If you are going to watch the movie, then you can eat some fruit, drink water, but no more.

Eighth, allow yourself to relax. The best way out will be cicmil. This is a fasting day in which you are allowed to eat whatever you want. Doesn’t mean you have to overeat, but to afford a piece of cake or chocolate is. The main thing in this day to forget about calorie diet, not to destroy the own body overload.

You should also look for additional sources of joy. We know that many people feel not so happy, if you don’t eat sweets. Therefore, it is necessary to find other positive emotions to have sex, to kiss, to meet up with friends and relatives. In General, to do what brings you pleasure.

Finally, quench your desire will help healthy snacks. These include dried fruit (too sweet) and nuts. They are rich in nutrients, permanently satisfy your hunger and help to abandon the sweet, coupled with all the above techniques.