In USA approved drug against sweating

The office for quality control of foodstuffs and medicines USA (FDA) approved the first drug that deliberately reduces sweating. According to statistics, from hyperhidrosis affects up to 5% of the population, and a new tool will help many to cope with this problem.

Not only discomfort

For a start – some statistics. The researchers interviewed people, faced with the problem of sweating, and found that they suffer not only from the wet spots on clothing. 68% of patients admitted that they feel uncomfortable meeting new people. 55% think it affects their personal relationships. More than half, 58%, said that hyperhidrosis has a negative impact on their job and 39% respondents could not work at all in full force.

Botulinum toxin option is not for everyone

Until recently, an effective way getting rid of hyperhidrosis was the injection of botulinum toxin, e.g., Botox. As you know, it blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, so the sweat glands just do not get the signal that they need to work on. The result is the secretion of sweat decreases.

But what about those people who can not tolerate injections? After injections of botulinum toxin done a few, and it is not easy to survive those who are afraid of them. The second important point – the cost of such treatment is not available to everyone.

Qbrexza – a new word in the treatment of hyperhidrosis

So-called new drug approved in the United States. Rather, it’s not a drug in the usual sense: you don’t need to swallow a pill or potion. A new remedy for excessive sweating is a cloth impregnated with glycopyrronium. This substance was formerly used to treat asthma, but doctors noticed that patients who receive such therapy, you begin to sweat less. The fact that glycopyrrolate blocks muscarinic receptors, which stimulates sweating. To use the towel only once a day, and then feel free and comfortable.

Possible side effects

Like any other medication, Qbrexza has its side effects. In particular, the creators of napkins warn that before using them it is necessary to consult a doctor. While there is no information about how wipes can affect the body of pregnant or nursing women, so they apply Qbrexza is not recommended. Also, people who choose to use the new feature from sweating, and may feel dry mouth or a headache.

Forewarned is forearmed. But in patients with hyperhidrosis have the option not to turn off sweat glands for six months (and so are the preparations of botulinum toxin), and use wipes as required.

As expected, the new vehicle will go on sale in October 2018. And who knows, maybe he will find a place in your medicine Cabinet for vacations through the year.