Lycopene protects men from heart attacks

Study of Finnish scientists have shown that eating tomatoes reduces the risk of heart attack in men. Protection for the heart, according to experts, provides antioxidant substance lycopene in large quantities contained in these vegetables.

For 12 years experts were monitoring a group of 1,000 men aged between 46 and 65 years. Over the study period 67 subjects suffered from a heart attack. After analyzing all the changes in the blood parameters and blood pressure of volunteers, scientists have established that the risk of heart attack in men correlated with the levels of lycopene in their blood.

Lycopene is an isomer of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. a powerful antioxidant for ability to bind free radical particles, lycopene, 7 times greater than vitamin E and 3 times higher than beta-carotene, which are known antioxidants.

The observations of scientists indicate that lycopene protects men from heart attacks.

“At high levels of the substance the risk of heart attack by 55% lower than low,” said the authors of the project.
Experts believe that the calculation is a strong argument in favor of inclusion in rationalizing more foods with lycopene. The most important of its contents are the tomatoes. For example, a glass of tomato juice contains 23 mg of lycopene.

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