Products with TRANS fats significantly impair memory in men

The study, researchers from the University of California at San Diego have shown that active consumption of products containing TRANS fats, can adversely affect the memory status men aged 45 years. Scientists strongly recommend to monitor the diet and avoid in the first place processed foods.

“TRANS fats, which are generally present in the composition of processed food products, may significantly affect the memory of men in adulthood,” stated the study authors.
Scientists analyzed information relating 1000 men of different ages who have sustained a medical examination. Separately these men underwent cognitive tests.

As part of testing, participants were asked to remember certain words. With this job, according to scientists, the worst handled those men who daily consumed foods with TRANS fats. The most serious problems with memory were observed in men aged 45 years.

Sources of TRANS fats first and foremost are margarine and spreads. Experts recommend to learn to understand what foods contain these unsafe compounds. In particular, TRANS fats can “hide” in French fries and potato chips, cakes, pizza, doughnuts, popcorn, crackers, frozen foods. In addition, the presence of TRANS fats were discovered during audits in mixtures for the preparation of Breakfast cereals, and in protein bars.

In addition to problems with memory, TRANS fats may promote cancer, diabetes, heart disease, warned scientists.

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