The empanadas are checked for quality

Empanadas – one of the most popular types of semi-Russians. But can boast of a decent quality products from our stores? Experts checked out this is by purchasing for examination empanadas-known brands – “Morozko”, “Ostankino”, “Ilirska collection”, “Every day”, “piping hot”, “Weights/ Siberian delicacy” and Fine Life.

The quality of the empanadas inspected by the experts of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” together with the Federal research center of food systems. V. M. Gorbatov Russian Academy of Sciences. Alas, in some samples they found dangerous to health bacteria. In particular, in the frozen empanadas Fine Life was detected bacteria groups, coliforms and Listeria, which is a very serious violation of safety requirements.

In addition, the samples of the two brands, the audit revealed not specified in the marking components. Empanadas from the brand “Every day” contained collagen protein (perhaps due to the cartilage in the meat), as well as soy protein, wheat rusk, semolina. Pancakes “Weights/Siberian delicacy” contained in vegetable oil, although in their labeling bore butter. Also, the product “Weights/ Siberian delicacy” amounts of carbohydrates in the product was two times more than what was stated on the label.

As for stuffing, the great number of distinguished pancakes “Ibersol collections” – 29,3%. Least contain meat pancakes “Every day” – 17,6%. Mincemeat pancakes “Weights/Siberian delicacy” delighted the organizers of the test because it was the highest concentration of meat.

After the inspection, to purchase the expert recommended the empanadas from brands “Morozko”, “Ostankino”, “Ilirska collection” and “piping hot”.

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