The Mediterranean diet helps to lose weight and not gain weight again

Spanish scientists have concluded that the Mediterranean diet is ideal for weight loss because it helps losing weight not to gain weight again. His conclusions on this subject were shared by researchers from University of Rovira and Virgili.

“The Mediterranean diet is the “perfect diet”, after which people with obesity lose weight and not gaining weight again. A big part of losing weight loss tend to re-accumulation of additional weight” – is the verdict of scientists on MedicalXpress.
In the experiment, the Spaniards were attended by 600 people aged 55-75 years, while all the volunteers were overweight and the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a complex metabolic, hormonal and clinical disorders are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, it is based on the immunity of tissues to insulin (insulin resistance).

In the framework of the project of slightly more than a third of respondents (33.7 per cent) moved to the Mediterranean diet and began regular exercise – in the end of the year it helped them lost more than 5% of the weight. In addition, they have improved insulin sensitivity. But the main thing – following a Mediterranean diet patients were able to lose weight, they also managed to maintain the new weight over time.

The Mediterranean diet involves the active consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, bread from wheat flour, and whole grain pasta. Red meat on the Mediterranean diet, is used extremely sparingly – mostly fish and other seafood.

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