Thoughts of women during sex

Experts in the field of sex talked about what kind of thoughts do visit women in bed. It turned out that they have little to do with carnal pleasures.

Most men genuinely believe that their partners while having sex is all about receiving pleasure and, therefore, the most important thing for men – the impressive size of the reproductive organ. It turned out that women rarely think about such matters when you indulge in amorous pleasures. An expert in the field of sex from Australia Nadia Bokodi conducted a survey among 22,000 followers on Instagram, in which she managed to reveal some amazing secrets of the female mind. The results of this survey Nadia prepared a report, which she called “thoughts of attending women during sex”.

Among the main worries that concern women, the question of how to perceive their bodies to men. Many women are worried that men might confuse some big mole on the back, the extra amount of weight and not a very impressive chest. Many women during sex, desperately trying to remember, did they in the morning contraceptives. Some women really don’t want the eyes of men to focus on their cellulite and many are trying to stay in the same position in which they look the most advantageous.

One of the most popular questions, attending women during sex, was the idea that, if they washed in vagina or not. Such thoughts plagued the beautiful ladies when they have sex, and it sometimes prevents to get pleasure. Men in this respect, think more simple, perhaps that is why women so often have problems with orgasm. (READ MORE)