Three simple product that improves the health and appearance

Scientist-nutritionist from the University of Cambridge Marilyn Glenville advised to eat three simple and affordable product that can improve health and also a positive influence on the appearance.

In particular, the specialist urges to eat the beans. This product, according to Glenville, contain the starch amylose is not disintegrating under the action of gastric juice. To the intestine, the amylose gets virtually unchanged and the effect on the intestinal microflora not worse tissue – provides nutrition for beneficial bacteria. As a result, aktiviziruyutsya metabolism and excretion of products of processing by the body, which strengthens the immune system, promotes harmony and good skin condition.

Another product, which improves health and appearance, Dr. Marilyn Glenville believes natural dairy products she suggests we eat every day. The use of these products also helps to normalize intestinal flora and digestion.

Also effective to improve the health and appearance according to experts fermented foods – particularly sauerkraut. The expert explained that the products of natural fermentation are beneficial to the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, from which, according to her, human health depends mainly.

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