To reduce salt for heart patients found no benefit

Patients with heart failure is often recommended to reduce salt intake, but how justified is that? Scientists from the University of Oxford found no benefit in such a reduction in salt for heart patients: their study showed that such recommendations are without scientific justification.

The authors stated that the advantages of a diet with reduced salt for patients with heart failure “uncertain”. According to the results of their study, there’s scientific evidence that lowering salt in the diet helps with heart failure or enhances the effectiveness of drugs taken by the cores.

“Science has no clear understanding of the mechanisms that could link the intake of salt and heart failure,” said scientists from the University of Oxford.
At the same time, they note, the excess salt in the diet can worsen the condition of the body in the cores. Therefore, although constantly seek to reduce the salt they don’t need to, it does not mean that you can totally control your intake of salty foods like chips and sausages. The scientists emphasised that excess salt retains fluid in the body and thus, weakens the heart – core of such a complication can be extremely dangerous.

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