To treat obesity in men and women should be different

Russian scientists from the Institute of Cytology and genetics (ICG), Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) came to the conclusion that to treat obesity in men and women should be different. That the body of the two sexes differ in their susceptibility to the same means of weight loss, experts have seen during experiments on mice.

In particular, in male and female mice with obesity experts tested the action of potential therapeutic agents for the hormone FGF21. This hormone stimulates the activity of brown fat, forcing the body to strenuously produce energy, spending for this process white adipose tissue. It turned out that mice have “men” and “women” have different perceptions of obesity treatment with the help of this method.

Scientists have conducted experiments on four groups of mice. At the first stage experts watched as the animals gain weight. They found that the same high-calorie diet triggers different processes of fat gain in males and females. Female fat intense – their index of white fat has grown three times in comparison with males.

In the second phase, the animals that got all the symptoms of obesity, had to lose weight. It turned out that the activation of the hormone FGF21 affect all mice, male and female. While males with obesity due to its influence actively formed brown fat, in females, the same process was carried out much more slowly.

FGF21 dose required for treatment of obesity in different sexes should be different, the researchers concluded. By analogy, different should be the treatment of obesity in men and women, experts believe.

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