Validation of herring showed poor quality

The experts of Consumers Union Roskontrol audited herring of the special Ambassador from the Russian shops, after testing products from several popular brands. The results of the quality control of herring are not encouraging: they showed a poor quality product, almost all samples were found to be hazardous for consumption.

In the examination took part samples of brands Meridian, VICI, “the Baltic coast”, “A’more” and “Every day”. The use of certain samples of herrings, as it turned out, may be hazardous to health.

In particular, in the herring Baltic coast were exceeded four times the permissible quantity of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms. In the sample “A’more”, the experts found the bacteria coliform, which in their opinion indicates serious violations of sanitary-epidemiological requirements – for example, violations of the rules of personal hygiene of production staff. The herring brand “Meridian” was available for the yeast, the level of which exceeds the value of 12.
In herring from VICI they turned out to be more than you need, twice.

In addition, herring (excluding samples of herring from “Meridian”) was discovered subcutaneous yellow fat is a sign of staleness. Herring from VICI was with a rancid odor and taste, this is simply impossible.

According to experts, fatty herring fat content shall be not less than 12% – this means that the product contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, is valuable for health. Included in the study samples, except for the “Baltic shore”, has been labelled as a fat herring. However, the audit showed that herring “A’more” and “Every day” low-fat.

Summing up the results of the examination, the researchers concluded: “the Safety and quality of fish is poor. Products Meridian, VICI, “the Baltic coast”, “A Sea” is included in the black list. A sample of “Every day” sent in the list of goods with comments”.
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