Vegetables and fish healthier heart hypertension

Eating vegetables and fish are extremely useful for people suffering from hypertension that established the Polish biologists from the University of Warsaw, published a report on their study in the journal Heart and Circulatory Physiology. According to them, the vegetables and the fish healthier the heart, because their use leads to the accumulation in the blood of specific substances – molecules that protect the body from vascular disorders.

Scientists said that eating vegetables and fish increases the blood levels of trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO). This substance has a positive effect on the condition of the vessels and the heart, which was confirmed by experiments with rats suffering from hypertension. It was found that TMAO protects against thickening of walls of blood vessels and the development of hypertrophy of the heart – typical violations observed in hypertensive patients.

During testing, animals with hypertension, which was kept on a diet with lots of fish and vegetables, two times less likely to suffer from heart attacks and sudden stops circulation than rodents to adhere to their usual diet. The researchers concluded that the substance TMAO is able to connect with various proteins, DNA and RNA and to stabilize them – as a result of the circulatory system reacts better to high blood pressure. In particular, while not observed, a characteristic of hypertension disorders in the cells of the heart and blood vessels, and reduced the level of cellular stress and inflammation.

Now scientists intend to test the effects of fish-vegetable diet of the primates.

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