“We all failed” – care expert finds clear words for the current state of emergency

Lack of staff, poor salaries, excessive demand: In many German nursing homes, the staff from burning, while the patients suffer from inhumane conditions. However, many houses have no interest at all, to improve the conditions, complains care critic Claus Fussek.

“I’m exhausted, upset and disappointed,” writes a children’s nurse Janina Uhlig in a moving Facebook Post, addressed to the Minister of health Spahn. In about 1000 words it brings the Situation in the nursing sector, to the point: Overtime, lack of staff, Burnout. Inadequate Patient Care. The loss of the meaningfulness of their activity, the reason why she is in a nursing profession have gone To other people would help to, to assist you in the short or long-in the best possible way.

“We all failed” – Has struck the last hour of the care industry already?

The social workers and care expert Claus Fussek is confirmed by the statements of Janina Uhlig. He has worked for 40 years with the States in Germany, nursing care facilities, and has already written three books on the subject. He knows: “The Situation in the nursing sector is almost hopeless”. The blame for the Situation not to wear, in his opinion, however, how much and quickly the policy claims. Because politicians are not for the payment of nurses responsible – it was a collective thing. And the working conditions are the object of the care of self-management. “Failed, has not the policy. Has failed, the care self-management. And all of us.“, Fussek explains in an interview with FOCUS Online. And, by “supplanting the collective.” But we could not afford it now: “It’s 5 before 12 more. It is a 5 to 12 a long time ago.“

Federal government signals Meet experts doubt

The 13,000 new jobs, has said the Federal Cabinet to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn of the care, even if only for a means, to appease the minds temporarily, says Fussek. “This is a phantom number,” he explains. “To get a handle on the Situation, it needs a spooky high number of new nurses”. Also the trade Union Verdi holds the number of Posts is far too low: “the 13,000 extra care not for the inpatient area mean the once a point-per-device – not a good supply of the residents is reached, the discharge of employees.”, national Board member Sylvia Bühler explains.

There are also positive examples

Despite many negative examples but also the houses, which concepts work, so Fussek. These facilities took care of not only good care of their residents, but at least as good to their employees: There there is health promotion, pastoral care not only for the employees, psychological support, regular work hours and good pay. And these homes do not cost the patient more than the other.

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“In the beds nurture”: homes get more money the sicker a Patient is

Why are based, the facilities that are hopelessly overwhelmed, but not those where it looks good? The answer is to cringe: “The worse off the patient, the more money gets a device,” explains Fussek. “Good professionals cause harm to the business so even”. Some of the homes would maintain the patient “in the bed”, because: the higher the Care level of the patient, the more money the home operator. Therefore, such homes were not interested at all in mind that it is your patients better – that would be, in many cases, through the use of, for example, physiotherapists or occupational therapists.

“Care is a billion dollar business. Many homes are listed on the stock exchange. Health and care are seen as a ‘product’. The return must be“ analyzed Fussek. “So something must not be in Germany!”

Staff is totally overloaded – The victims are orderly and well Maintained

Under the extreme savings, the employees suffer. They are so overloaded that they often trade only according to the principle that “The Patient must be fed, be clean, sanitized and dry”. In nursing homes, loneliness, desolation and grief would have taken a long time ago over. “Nursing homes the same nowadays often death houses,” said Fussek.

Janina Uhlig a similar image in your Facebook Post: “the Older folks log on for the toilet, but for acute injury crisis, you will be asked to make it ‘just run’, finally, you have a Deposit,” she writes. Also, you have to go during their shifts often do not have time to use the toilet.

Countless Overtime hours, outside of the service plan and Work without a break facilities daily, take up the slack in care of Sylvia Bühler of Verdi explained. “The employees take care of every day, with a lot of commitment to people in need of help and care. It may not be that you are ceiling through the much too thin a staff nurse.“

We need to have a rethink now!

Janina asks Uhlig in your Post to Act. She argues for a “radical Change of working conditions”. In your opinion, a better pay, so that the Situation improves.

Social workers Fussek is of the opinion that each Individual should endeavour to ensure that the Situation of care is fundamentally changing, because: “Sooner or later, every German citizen is affected. And who wants to hinsiechen of age in a double room in its own excrement and wait for all this finally end? Why do we suffer?“ the expert, who is also a carer, indignant.

He argues, to look, to care, to take responsibility and to distribute the load on all of the shoulders: “the future of The care sector must be a vital question for the whole Nation”.

“We need a #meToo for the care sector”

First of all, need to make according to Fussek, however, the attention of the carers: “The care industry is currently the most powerful professional group in Germany,” he explains. But the great rebellion was, so far, remained just. But now it was time for a Revolution: He calls for a #meToo debate for the care, wishes that Nourishing, well-Maintained and members to “show solidarity” and turn the page. He wants people to be finally seen. Janina Uhlig has done with her Facebook Post that has since been shared over 100,000 Times, a first step in this direction. She concludes her plea with the words:

“Children are the future of our society – they deserve decent care. Older people have done in your life, much for our society – they deserve decent care. Carers contribute enormously to the functioning of society – they deserve decent working conditions.“

About the expert

Claus Fussek is a social worker, book author and one of the most well-known nursing critics of Germany. For more than 40 years, he deals with the subject of care. He acts mainly as the voice of Gepflgten, their relatives and carers.

He is also co-founder of the “nursing ethics-Initiative Deutschland e. V.”, which takes a critical look at ethical issues in the care industry.

More info is available at www.pflegeethik-initiative.de