What loneliness is good for health

We all have heard many times about how dangerous to health alone. And psychologists from Germany called several unexpected benefits of this condition.

You will have a great social life. Studies show that lonely people are more healthy social life. Unmarried partners are much less likely to meet their friends, go to visit or invite to your house guests. In addition, significantly reduced the amount of their communication with family and even with neighbors. But the people who are lonely, often to visit friends and go with them on a variety of activities.

You will be able to follow their Hobbies. If you love travel, Hiking, bike rides or swims on a kayak, since the marriage time to do all of this you simply will not remain. Especially when in your life will have children. But single people can devote all his spare time as a hobby.

You will be able to invest in themselves. Quite often we see how the couple have come to own phones in order to discuss the family business. All relationships require a normal dialogue, but if you are in a stable relationship, they will take you a very long time for such conversations, sometimes several hours a day. But if you are alone, you will be able all this time to devote to themselves.

You will maintain excellent shape. Observations show that after marriage the spouses cease to look after themselves, as they have already found a partner in life, so to keep a good shape not for anyone. In addition, family Affairs, children, and other duties seem to take a lot of time, it has no gym, no diet. Single people have no such problems exist. They pay time and a private figure, and the latest trends in clothing and cosmetics. (READ MORE)