Boxing: Hollywood's Latest Fitness Craze Is a Knockout

Boxing is the go-to workout for A-listers with the most enviable bodies. And for good reason: It’s a super efficient sweat session. Throwing punches blends both cardio and strength moves that help sculpt muscles and create definition in the upper body and core. Also, many of the exercises that focus on perfect form and enhancing endurance in — and out — of the ring (think jumping rope, planks, push-ups, high intensity intervals and more) provide profound benefits for the body. From accelerating fat and calorie burn to increasing muscle and creating a totally toned body head-to-toe, boxing is truly the definition of an all-in-one sport.

Here, Us Weekly has created the essential must-see roundup of the celebrities who love to incorporate boxing into their workouts. Scroll through to see pics of boxing’s biggest fans such as Jennifer Aniston, Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Garner, as well as models Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima and more.

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