David Arquette Talks Coparenting Teenage Daughter Coco With Courteney Cox

The key to success! David Arquette and Courteney Cox coparent their 14-year-old daughter, Coco, and the actor told Us Weekly exclusively that the teen makes everything easier.

“[Cox and I] have always just made [Coco] the number one priority,” the professional wrestler, 47, said at the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday, May 6. “We have respect and love for each other and just [are] on the same page. And [with] Coco, we’re just super lucky. As far as teenagers go, it’s a bit tricky, but she’s got a huge heart and she’s really, really a brilliant girl, so we’re very lucky.”

He went on to tell Us exclusively about his relationship with his daughter at Rhonda’s Kiss Good Fortune Gala on the same day. “I was a really wild child, so she’s a lot cooler than I was, a lot more confident than I’d ever been,” Arquette said. “I think when you have trust and you can be open with them, that helps. Just showing them love, being supportive.”

The Scream star and the Friends alum, 54, welcomed Coco in 2004 before their 2012 split. Arquette went on to marry actress Christina McLarty and welcome two children — Charlie, 5, followed by Augustus, 2.

Does he want to add any more babies to his brood? “My wife doesn’t, so that sort of settles it,” he told Us.

For now, the Virginia native is just enjoying fatherhood. His favorite part is “laughing” with his kids.

“Driving my son Charlie to school this morning, we had this incredible conversations about DNA and saving tigers and extinction, and he’s really just such an interesting, but creative, funny, funny kid, so that’s the best part,” he told Us. “And then my other son, Gus, and my daughter, Coco, we all went to the Renaissance Fair yesterday, so it’s just doing silly, fun stuff like that that really keeps you young and gives you a real love for life.”

With reporting by Emily Marcus and Carly Sloane

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