Mandy Moore Has an Entertaining Way of Taking Care of Her Sick Toddler

Taking care of a sick kid is exhausting — even when you’re not in the bleary-eyed postpartum days. Mandy Moore is currently trying to survive round-the-clock breastfeeding with her 2-month-old son Ozzie and take care of her sick 22-month-old son Gus, and she is crushing it! She even found a way to keep both her little one and her entertained, and it’s actually so genius.

“Sick day means screen time,” the Dr. Death actress wrote on her Instagram story yesterday, over a picture of Gus sitting on her bed looking at a tablet. “And he asked for Bowie.”

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The toddler is unbelievably enthralled in a David Bowie music video — that he apparently asked for?! — and I am speechless. How did Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith get so lucky as to have a little kid who requests to watch something actually interesting (not that we don’t enjoy our 3rd straight hour of CoComelon, but c’mon!). Teach us your ways!

She shared another update this morning. They have moved on from Bowie and are now watching re-runs of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Again, another delightfully entertaining show for parents to watch with their kids.

“Sick days=Mr. Rogers,” the This Is Us star wrote. “Love that Goose gives us an excuse to rewatch.” Yes! That is another parenting win, for sure.

In the midst of entertaining her toddler, Moore is also trying to keep herself and her baby healthy. “Toddler with flu and croup,” she shared on her Instagram story today. “Exhausted household. Trying to keep myself and the newborn healthy and nursing around the clock.”

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Breastfeeding offers boosted immunity to your baby, so this is a great way to try to keep her newborn from getting the flu — especially since he’s still too young for the influenza vaccine.

Moore has dealt with mastitis and a sick toddler, but she is doing wonderfully. It’s all so tiring, but the “In Real Life” singer even found time to work out “while the baby slept,” according to another Instagram story post. She gets our vote for mom of the year!

She’s an inspiration. In fact, I’m going to start playing my baby some of Moore’s music videos so he’ll request it when he’s a toddler… Who knew you could get little ones to enjoy your favorite music, too?!

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