Nick Cannon Shares Video of 1-Year-Old Powerful Learning to Read: ‘Brilliant Baby’

As the father of seven kids, Nick Cannon knows a thing or two about parenting. The actor and The Nick Cannon Show host recently shared a video of his daughter, Powerful Queen, learning how to read — at just one year old!

The video was posted to Instagram on Wednesday, in which Cannon called his daughter a “brilliant baby!!” It’s two minutes, 49 seconds long showing Cannon holding up flashcards for his baby. The first one says “clapping” and Powerful can be heard reading “clap.” The next one says “tiger” and she responds by roaring. One reads “touch your nose” and Powerful then touches her nose in response.

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“Wow!!! Look at this brilliant baby!!” Cannon captioned the sweet video. “They got mad when we named her POWERFUL QUEEN! Y’all lucky I didn’t go with my other choice GENIUS EMPRESS!! LOL I can’t take any of the credit here though! That’s all her amazing Mommy @missbbell.”

Later, she recognizes the words for “tree,” “ear,” “mouth,” “dog,” “hi,” and more. This little girl has some seriously impressive skills! At one point, Cannon stops to kiss her and tell her she’s “so smart!” Later, her mom, Brittany Bell, hands Cannon a flashcard to show the baby that says “árbol,” the Spanish word for “tree.” Cannon admits, “I don’t even know what this is,” but Powerful reads it, making his jaw drop. Bell responds, “Get it baby!”

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, memorization and using flash cards are not necessarily the most effective way at helping toddlers build language and literacy skills. The organization recommends talking, listening to and telling stories, and hearing new vocabulary words as the keys to early literacy. Luckily, it seems that Cannon and Bell are doing both with Powerful to help her learn and grow!

Cannon is dad to twins Moroccan and Monroe, 10, with Mariah Carey; Golden, 4, and Powerful, 1, with Brittany Bell; twins Zion and Zillion, 6 months old, with Abby De La Rosa; and 5-month-old Zen with Alyssa Scott, who recently passed away from a brain tumor. It’s awesome seeing how involved he is with his kids!

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