These Absurdly Creative Kids' Costumes Won Halloween 2019

When it comes to kid’s Halloween costumes, most parents choose from a variety of basic options like Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, common animals, or popular animated characters. And yes, Baby Shark makes that list. For parents who opt to craft their child’s costume in lieu of purchasing one from their local costume store, the sky’s the limit. It’s challenging to step out of the box if your child desperately wants to be a genie or what-have-you. But when they’re really young, the choice is totally (and sneakily!) in your hands. I mean, your kid is too young to watch The Office or know who Dwight Schrute is. But, if you’ve always wanted a mini human stapler, now’s your chance! 

Seriously, though, random get-ups can be adorable if you do it right. Plus, you’ll get plenty of compliments from parents and trick-or-treaters who’ve never seen anything like your creation before. Still, there’s a very real possibility that someone will ask: “What is your kid supposed to be?” In this case, you’ll already have an elevator pitch of who, what, and why you chose to dress your kids as AirPods instead of going the traditional route. Some onlookers might judge, some might “awww,” and others might quizzically stare at your children like they’re newborns straight out of the womb — cute but alien-like. If you’re still not convinced yet, the creative costumes below might entice you to plan your costumes a little bit differently next year.

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There aren’t many opportunities as an adult to stretch your creative muscle. Except my friends….on Halloween. I’ve never been hyped on the “scary variety” of the holiday. Instead I prefer a more whimsical fall vibe. When I asked #mightymaven what she wanted to be this year, she held up one of her favorite stuffed animals, a rainbow owl she got as gift from @knnav kiddo Ellie, and enthusiastically announced, “Rainbow owl!” ? • Usually I rangle my crafty pal @devrinlee to create her costume, but since her etsyshop @thatcraftyfriend has been swamped with dog costume orders I had to go at it alone. Which means this costume was made entirely without sewing (spoiler, I can’t sew). It’s amazing how far you can get with glue. So, so much glue.• • Opted for a foam visor instead of a mask so she can wear it to places with a “no mask” policy. Happy Halloween pals! • • • #kidscostumes #kidcostumeinspiration #creativecostumes #kidshalloweencostume #kidsofinstagram #kidshalloween #halloweencostumes #costumeideas

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Heck yes! ⁣ ⁣ Happy Halloween witches!

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100 years ago this year, after decades of fighting, the 19th amendment was passed and women gained the right to vote. Thanks to women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and so many more women who weren't publically noted, we get to live in an equal world now. This might be her Halloween costume, but I wanted my daughter to understand her strength. Strong women raise strong women. Kind women raise kind women. We need to lift each other up and raise our daughters to lift each other up. We are all united in our feminine power, we're not dishwashers, child bearers, or man pleasers, unless we want to be ? also, don't come on here spreading hate, this is supposed to be light hearted ❤ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ??? • • • • • #happyhalloween #halloweencostume #strongwomen #suffragette #toddlerhalloweencostume #kidscostumes #halloweencostumeideas #happyhalloween? #womensrights #girlpower #womenssuffrage #elizabethcadystanton #motivationalquotes #quotestoliveby #toddler#toddlerstyle#toddlerfashion #halloween

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It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!

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