This New Mom Reveals Her Secret Parenting Weapon — and It Might Surprise You

Becoming a parent for the first time is never easy, but there’s one thing that poses a huge problem for almost everyone: you just don’t have enough hands to do everything you need to do. All of a sudden, you’re trying to warm a bottle, start the washing machine, and answer the phone, all without putting your baby down.

New mom Brittoni Sinclair has an innovative solution to this problem: she uses her Amazon Echo for almost everything. “My boyfriend thought it would be a perfect accessory for our new home before our new bundle of joy came into the world, and boy, was he right!” she says. We caught up with this multitasking mom to find out why she says the voice-activated device is her biggest mom hack.

Like many first-time moms, Brittoni anxiously watched over her baby round-the-clock at first. “After delivery, being able to turn on and off lights and controlling electronics by voice command without having to leave my baby’s side was a lifesaver,” she says.

Brittoni also put the Amazon Echo to use during one of the most difficult phases: sleep training. “While sleep training Jordan, being able to dim the lights and control nursery music without having to go in his room is amazing,” she says.

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