26-pound cyst the Brits considered a pregnancy

The edition of The Mirror shared the story of the British woman Keely Favela from the city of Swansea, which removed a giant 26-pound ovarian cyst. However for a long time doctors assured the woman that she is pregnant.

In 2014, Keely Favela noticed that gradually began to gain weight. Then the British decided that she was obese, and took measures to drive away the kilos. She was keen to exercise and switched to a healthy diet – however, the belly grew.

“It was growing so slowly! I was sure I just gain weight,” said Favela.
At some point the Brits have suspected pregnancy. But three pregnancy test were negative. After the Favela once fainted, she turned to the therapist. Specialist decided that she got sick because of the side effect from stress.

When the British spoke of the growing abdomen, the doctor suspected pregnancy, and several times forced her to take a blood test. Making sure that the young woman is still not pregnant, the therapist referred her for ultrasonic examination. So it became clear that the ovary at the Brits grew a huge cyst.

The patient was operated and removed a 26-pound cyst, after removal of which the weight decreased by one third. In addition, the doctors had to remove the British right ovary. According to them, even after that, the Favela has many chances to get pregnant and become a mother.
After the operation, the abdomen of British women looks like she has become a mother, she has stretch marks and scar. on my stomach. But she still claims that the removal of the cyst has returned to her life and given the opportunity to dress properly.

“I lost count of how many simple everyday things were difficult for me: I struggled to drive a car or climb stairs,” – said the Briton.
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