50-year-old grandmother from the UK gave birth to quadruplets

50-year-old resident of the UK, Tracy and Britten gave birth to quadruplets, and entered the history of medicine as the age the mother, which was born at once four children. The British had, though the experience of motherhood to her familiar – a woman not only a mother but a grandmother of eight grandchildren.

It is reported that the quadruplets born to eight-time grandmother, was conceived through artificial insemination (IVF) at one of the clinics of Cyprus. Operation at a cost of eight thousand euros.

The birth of cybernetic took place at the clinic at the University College London. Helped them to see the light 35 of the clinic staff. The birth was difficult, one of the children inside the womb is bleeding and in this situation jeopardized the lives of other twins. To the delight of the doctors who performed a caesarean section, born a girl and three boys were not injured. Now children are kept in intensive care but, according to experts, their health is not a cause for serious concern.

How are birth brothers and sisters three adults datasave elderly in the country mother of quadruplets, is not reported.

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