A unique device for the treatment of cancer created in Russia

A unique device for the treatment of cancer was developed in Russia by scientists of the Institute of automatics named spirit in collaboration with the staff of the medical radiological research center name Tsyba (branch “SMRC radiology” of the Ministry of health). It is a portable system capable of destroying malignant tumors by irradiation with neutrons.

The possibility of successful treatment of cancer with neutrons has been confirmed by science over 40 years ago. When irradiated with neutrons to produce secondary particles such as protons and heavy ions, which have the ability to damage tumor cells, causing them dvuhmetrovye DNA breaks.

The Russian scientists stated: “Neutrons are more effective fighting cancer than other types of radiation in equal doses”.

But after the discovery of the technology to use elementary particles for cancer treatment, the question arose about the equipment that could ensure implementation of this method. It was a real problem, as it turned out that the right equipment will be extremely cumbersome – just will require a separate building. Therefore, this method of cancer treatment was not widespread.

But, as it became known, in Russia, the experts were able to develop a unique portable unit in the form of fairly small dimensions of the device.

“This generator with a diameter of 25 cm, length 120 cm, weight up to 270 kg. the Installation allows to optimize the position of the patient and the neutron source relative to each other,” said the researchers.
A unique device for the treatment of cancer is already checked on the cats and dogs. The experiment showed that after 3-4 sessions of the tumor is reduced in 1,5-3 times. The specialists have ensured that the risk of damage to healthy tissue in the case of exposure to the facility was minimized.

Currently, based on the unique portable neutron generator is being finalized General Handbook of instructions, allowing the use of the cancer treatment on humans. The researchers intend as soon as possible to check a unique device on patients.

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