Diabetics skip insulin injections because of the price of the drug

Every fourth patient was a diabetic misses insulin shots, because I just can’t afford to buy the medicine. As a result, the lives of large numbers of people is under threat.

25% of all diabetics in the US take much less insulin than they need, due to the fact that the cost of this medication for them is too high. What’s even more disturbing, one-third of this group generally refuses injection and not notify the physician. These are the results of research conducted on patients from Washington, however, the authors believe that this statistic may rightfully treat the entire United States. Magicforum reminds us that insulin is one of the most widely used medications in the world. Last week a study was published which showed that the number of people in need of this hormone the patients would increase from 406 million to 511 million by 2030.

The biggest splash of the consumers of insulin is expected in China (130 million), India (98 million) and the USA (32 million) over the next 10 years. Despite this, over the last 10 years the price of insulin has grown astronomically, causing a huge number of patients began to use the services of the black market. In America this problem is particularly acute because the cost of drugs has traditionally been very high. That’s why experts from the United States call regulatory bodies and the medical community to intervene in order to make insulin entirely available for absolutely all patients.

Note that prior to 1921, when it was synthesized insulin, insulin-dependent diabetes was considered a death sentence. In our days this medication is saving lives, preventing millions of deaths because of the extremely high level of sugar in the blood. But, unfortunately, insulin is increasingly becoming a luxury rather than a necessity for those patients who need it. For example, in USA the cost of a monthly course of insulin is $1 100, although in 2010 it was $258. (READ MORE)